I can't send or receive email?

Before opening a support ticket about not being able to receive email, please check the following:

1. Try accessing sites such as www.google.com or www.apple.com. If you can't connect to these sites, your internet connection is not working properly and you need to configure your network correctly or contact your internet service provider.

2. Try accessing your domain name in a web browser. If your site can't be accessed and your internet connection is working fine after testing as above, then your site is down and email will most likely not be working either. You can check the status page to see what the situation is with email access on your server. You can also use the webmail interface to check if your site is accessible.

3. If your web site is accessible but your email is still not working, double-check the connection settings in your email client. If you can't send email , you may not be allowed to use the configured outgoing mail server (this often occurs if you are using a different ISP to your normal one, such as when using a laptop from another office).

4. Check any specific error codes on the relevant support web site (e.g. Outlook error mesages are explained in detail on the Microsoft web site).

5. If you are accessing the internet from a cafe or hotel there may be restrictions on which network ports are open. If only web browsing is allowed on port 80, email access will not work in a mail client or via webmail.

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