Content Management Systems

If you're totally confused by acronyms such as HTML, CSS and FTP - you need a Content Management System, or CMS.

A CMS lets web site owners add, edit and delete web content in a point and click type interface. Some of the tasks that you can perform with our CMS:

  • Managing navigation items
  • Managing page content
  • Adding images and galleries
  • Writing blog posts
  • Managing forms and entries
  • Managing admin users
  • Writing newsletters
  • Running an online store
  • Checking web statistics

Our CMS is a proprietary system that has been developed by us from scratch, with non-technical end users firmly in mind. The interface is extremely simple to ensure that only the key functions are made available to staff with editing responsibilities, with more complex features visible to administrators or site owners.

Please contact us to request access to an online demo of our content management system.

Key features

You're in control

A CMS puts you in control of your own site - you can make changes as often as you like at no cost to you.

Edit anywhere, anytime

Whether you're on holidays or on the road, if you have internet access you can make changes to your site.

Built for teams

Owners, editors, sales staff, developers - set up access controls based on job function and roles.

No limits

Manage five pages or 500, write blog entries every day or once a year - it's up to you.

Free support

We provide telephone and email support to ensure that you are making the most of your CMS.

Regular updates

We continue to work on our CMS, rolling out new features and improvements via regular updates.