Web design

We've been designing web sites for well over 10 years. In that time we've seen various trends come and go, but presenting information about your business is still the main function your web site needs to do well.

Our clients include tourism operators, magazine publishers, chemical companies and online retailers, just to name a few. Our main focus is on understanding your business first, then recommending an online solution. If your business only needs a one page site, we'll tell you. Conversely, we will also recommend the best way to structure your site and take advantage of various tools that can help grow traffic to your web site.

No two sites are the same and we treat each project as a unique opportunity to promote your business or organisation  - explore our web site portfolio to see what we're capable of.


Responsive web design

Responsive sites

With the increased use of mobile devices used to access the internet, it makes sense to ensure your web site looks as good on mobile phones and tablets as it does on a desktop display. When we are involved with all stages of a web site's construction we can make the design 'responsive' so that certain elements change depending on the size of the screen being used to view the site.

Parts of the site such as navigation menus, headers or sidebars can be minimised or turned off on devices with smaller screens to ensure that every visitor receives an optimal experience. The design framework we use adapts automatically so there's no need to create separate layouts for every situation - have a look at the Codesnap web site on your iPad or iPhone to see how this works!


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

"We want to be number 1 in Google!" is something we hear often.

Don't we all? The reality is that your business is competing with plenty of others for that elusive top spot. We don't make guarantees or promises about how high your site will rank in the various search engines. What we will do is help you understand the various factors at work and how you can improve the rankings of your pages and the popularity of the site in general. There are no quick fixes or magic tricks involved in search engine optimisation, it involves a common sense approach to design combined with hard work to generate content. If you're prepared to act on our advice and build your site profile over time, we can definitely help to improve your search engine traffic.